Early Childhood Development

GPPI Inc., the company behind Gymboree Play & Music Global, is a leader in parented early childhood education programming.  With over 700 locations worldwide, Gymboree Play & Music has been a household name with parents for over 40 years.  As part of their 5-year plan to restructure their marketing and branding, GPPI Inc. continues to work with Lateral Thought to create digital video content for their online platforms including YouTube and Facebook.

Our first video was produced to showcase the different types of classes offered at Gymboree Play & Music.  More importantly, we created a story that emphasized the early childhood developmental outcomes for children who attend Gymboree Play & Music.  The value proposition to parents is helping their children get a head start in life when it comes to developing their cognitive, emotional and physical self.  Our second video was produced to showcase their world famous bubbles.

Links to videos will open in separate window: Gymboree Benefits Video  |  Gymboree Bubbles Video